Friday, 1 June 2012

And Breath ...........

Right so it has been a while since i last posted. A lot has happened since then in my world, and i only just feel like i can breath again. Iv finished making all my collection, finished painting my shoes, made hair bow ties, finished sketch book, portfolio, final boards, business promotional pack, costing packs, photo shoot, photo book, business cards, postcards and its even been our graduate fashion show to. Busy Busy Busy girl iv been. 

I also finally got round to finish painting all of my shoes ready for the catwalk show and my photo shoot heres how they turned out. I think there amazing and really fit in with my collection. 

So iv finally handed my FMP in i feel like i can actually breath now for the first time in months. I managed to get the endless list done and i was happy with everything :D heres some pictures of everything i handed in. The products of 6 months hard work! Now its just the matter of waiting and hoping i get the grades :D Fingers crossed :D 

Also for hand in we had to do a photo shoot of our final 6 outfits on models. I managed to persuade two of my stunning friends from work to do it for me and i also landed wynyard hall as a venue to shoot my own photographs. Heres some of the images which i love! The girls are amazing and i love the look and feel of the images. 

Me being me was not happy making just the 6 outfits we had to for hand in so in the two weeks between hand in and our fashion show i made my other two colours. Now i actually have made the rainbow :D 

So our fashion show came around quickly, and last friday was one of the most amazing days of my life. Loved it. The start of the day got slightly stressful when i had stroppy models refusing to wear some of my outfits, but i quickly solved it and some of our friends jumped in to save the day. I managed to get all 8 outfits down the cat walk which i was over the moon with. I had some pressure on me tho. I was closing the show with my collection 'At The End Of The Rainbow', the girls strutting their stuff to the song 'Rainbow' by Jessie J! I LOVE this song as it describes my collection so well and is also very funky for the models to strut their stuff to! I had some very quick changes and had to call on all the uni girls to help me change the girls put stocking on, clip suspenders, tie bows and slip shoes on. But with seconds to spare all the girls were changed and ready to go! My music came on and the models disappeared down the catwalk. The audience reaction was amazing, it really couldn't have gone any better and i got some amazing photographs of my collection to. I would just like to say a massive thank you to all my family and friends that came down to support me that night. I had the most amazing day and couldn't have got there without their help. Here are some of the photos, they look stunning on the models, I really couldn't be any happier. A massive thank you to Lisa's boyfriend Lloyd for taking these pictures. :D

I LOVE this picture of my full collection together. Seeing this image gives me a massive relief that i have done it. Finished 8 outfit and have created the rainbow in lingerie. 

The fashion show really couldn't have gone any better loved every second of the day, and it is safe to say that i had a few drinks at the after party that night to celebrate what a amazing time i had. Thank you to everyone for making it so special. <3 

Next stop Graduate Fashion Week to show my collection on our university stand. Me and the uni girls are going down to london for the full week staying in our very own house, im so excited and cant wait. Iv got my photo book, portfolio, business cards and post cards all ready to go. Im just keeping my fingers crossed some one will spot potential in me and love my collection :D  

I let you know how it goes :D 

X x x x x x x x x x x X

Friday, 6 April 2012

Shoes are a girls best friend!

Well iv had to start thinking about how i want to style my models for the final year fashion show! So what iv come up with is to make my own patterned shoes. I really want them to match the patterned fabric that i have made on my garments so iv been hunting all over the shops for shoes i can spray paint! I finally found some. I must admit i did look slightly odd buying 6 pairs of the same shoes and i did get some funny looks but hey ho i still got my bargains look! 

I cant wait until there all painted. Iv practised on a old pair of my own and they look amazing! Just how i wanted them to look! They will look amazing on the catwalk! Look!

I just think there so much fun and match my outfits soooo well! I think ill also add hand made bows onto the heels to in the matching colours of the outfits! I think this will finish them off nicely! 

Ill keep you updated when i finish more!

X x x x x x x x X

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Colours, Colours Everywhere!

So im well in the swing of cracking on with my final major project at university, seeing bright colours everywhere i look. Iv managed to complete two whole outfits so far! Iv also patterned and twiled all 8 outfits that im hoping to make, one in each colour of the rainbow and one rainbow lingerie set, which took some time to do but there all perfect just sat there waiting to be made.

So iv finished my Rainbow outfit and my yellow outfit, iv also took some photos of them using some professional lights and camera so they look extra special! I LOVE this photo below of my rainbow set as it shows what my collection is all about just in this one image. Also using the professional lighting shows the colours and my own fabric print up extremely well.





Knickers, Front

Knickers, Back


Although it look me ages to make and iv seen it every day for about 2 weeks i LOVE this outfit as iv created my own multi coloured fabric print, printed my own elastic, power net, zip, cup pads and boning cover. This outfit is the centre of my collection that i hope gives the wow factor. 

Now on to the colours individually. 

Iv also made and finished my yellow outfit which is a more relaxed look. Iv gone with a soft cup bra and little cheeky shorts, finished off with multi coloured bows. 



Bra, Front

Bra, Back

Knickers, Front

Knickers, Back

Bow Detail.

I Really like this outfit as iv died the yellow lace myself which looks really effective overlaid on the yellow. 

So thats 2 down out of 8 only another 6 left to go, along with my sketchbook work, final boards and business side to it. Best get grafting! 

Ill update when i finish more colours! 

X x x x x x X

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Start Of Something New!

Right so iv finally got over the Christmas rush around and finished off my minor projects and dissertation at university, so its finally time to start something new at last!

Iv been itching to start my Final Major Project for a few months now but now i have everything else out the way i can get on with it without anything else to think about! 

As iv said previously im basing my project on the theme of rainbows, taking the colours from this using them all separately to create a lingerie collection that shows my theme well.   

I love this by Victoria Secrets, I would love to make something like this but don't think the massive wings would go down well with my tutors at uni! 

This collection is very important to me as its our final project at uni (Yes final! How scary!) and this will hopefully be shown at london graduate fashion week later this year and also shown down the catwalk as part of our uni's final year show! So im going to try my very best to make this a good one!

Im aiming to create 7 lingerie sets/outfits as part of this collection one in each colour of the rainbow: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green. This of course is going to cost me a fortune, so im hoping  to be able to gain some sponsorship of some kind. Iv wrote to some fabric companies so im just keeping my fingers crossed for some luck now! 

Below is a sneak peak of the starting of my sketch book.  Im going to break my sketch book into different parks beginning with researching all colours together as the rainbow, then breaking it down to researching the different colours separately.  

So they are my first pages in my sketch book, which i love! I love all the colours together. Im getting so excited doing this project. I cant wait to start making now! 

Now its on to researching different fabrics i can use. That easier said then done. Finding just the right colours and laces and elastics and everything i need is the hard part i find but i will get there if i just keep at it! 

Ill keep you informed of what i get up to next on this project! 

X x x x x x x x X

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Sneak Peak!

Right so ill be starting my Final Major Project for my 3rd year uni course and i thought i would give you a sneak peak of what is to come from RaSuKe. 
I have decided to base my project on Rainbows, and from this i want to create and make 7 sets of lingerie, one in each colour of the rainbow. Heres a sneak peak of the colours and fabrics i will be using below. 

I cant wait to get started on my sketch book and more importantly to start making my lingerie. These garments that i make will be taken down and shown at london graduate fashion week this year, and shown at our universities final fashion show later this year. 

Iv been so excited to start iv not been able to stop my self from doing a little bit of designing. Below is some of my initial designs that i hope to make however theses are still in working progress.  

As you can probably tell im really excited to start my FMP after christmas, and ill keep you all informed of further progress with this project as and when i get going with it. 

I hope you all have a nice christmas and a happy new year! I will be posting after christmas my further progress with my lingerie designing and making :D 

x x x x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lingerie Insight Competition 2011!

Earlier this year i entered my latest collection 'Ice Maiden' into the lingerie insight competition, where i was amazed to find that i had made it to the top ten finalists. After this it was down to the public view to vote for their winner. Of course got onto Facebook and twitter to ask everyone i knew to vote for me, Everyone came up trumps for me asking their friends and family to vote to and that they did gaining me hundreds of votes. I was amazed by the support everyone give me. Below is the two boards that i entered gaining me top ten.

Below shows my designs shown on the lingerie insight website. 

I was up against some stiff competition with everyones designs being amazing. The prize the top ten were competing for was a spot to show at the lingerie collective trade show in london. This of course would have been a amazing opportunity. 
At the end of the week voting lines closed and i was amazed and over the moon to find out that i had finished in 6th position. This is a fabulous achievement for me. Below shows my finishing place. 

I just want to thank everyone who voted for me, i appreciate it so much, its fabulous the support everyone give me.

Ill let you all know what ill be getting up to in the near future in my next post shortly.

x x x x x