Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Sneak Peak!

Right so ill be starting my Final Major Project for my 3rd year uni course and i thought i would give you a sneak peak of what is to come from RaSuKe. 
I have decided to base my project on Rainbows, and from this i want to create and make 7 sets of lingerie, one in each colour of the rainbow. Heres a sneak peak of the colours and fabrics i will be using below. 

I cant wait to get started on my sketch book and more importantly to start making my lingerie. These garments that i make will be taken down and shown at london graduate fashion week this year, and shown at our universities final fashion show later this year. 

Iv been so excited to start iv not been able to stop my self from doing a little bit of designing. Below is some of my initial designs that i hope to make however theses are still in working progress.  

As you can probably tell im really excited to start my FMP after christmas, and ill keep you all informed of further progress with this project as and when i get going with it. 

I hope you all have a nice christmas and a happy new year! I will be posting after christmas my further progress with my lingerie designing and making :D 

x x x x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lingerie Insight Competition 2011!

Earlier this year i entered my latest collection 'Ice Maiden' into the lingerie insight competition, where i was amazed to find that i had made it to the top ten finalists. After this it was down to the public view to vote for their winner. Of course got onto Facebook and twitter to ask everyone i knew to vote for me, Everyone came up trumps for me asking their friends and family to vote to and that they did gaining me hundreds of votes. I was amazed by the support everyone give me. Below is the two boards that i entered gaining me top ten.

Below shows my designs shown on the lingerie insight website. 

I was up against some stiff competition with everyones designs being amazing. The prize the top ten were competing for was a spot to show at the lingerie collective trade show in london. This of course would have been a amazing opportunity. 
At the end of the week voting lines closed and i was amazed and over the moon to find out that i had finished in 6th position. This is a fabulous achievement for me. Below shows my finishing place. 

I just want to thank everyone who voted for me, i appreciate it so much, its fabulous the support everyone give me.

Ill let you all know what ill be getting up to in the near future in my next post shortly.

x x x x x