Friday, 6 April 2012

Shoes are a girls best friend!

Well iv had to start thinking about how i want to style my models for the final year fashion show! So what iv come up with is to make my own patterned shoes. I really want them to match the patterned fabric that i have made on my garments so iv been hunting all over the shops for shoes i can spray paint! I finally found some. I must admit i did look slightly odd buying 6 pairs of the same shoes and i did get some funny looks but hey ho i still got my bargains look! 

I cant wait until there all painted. Iv practised on a old pair of my own and they look amazing! Just how i wanted them to look! They will look amazing on the catwalk! Look!

I just think there so much fun and match my outfits soooo well! I think ill also add hand made bows onto the heels to in the matching colours of the outfits! I think this will finish them off nicely! 

Ill keep you updated when i finish more!

X x x x x x x x X

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