Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Start Of Something New!

Right so iv finally got over the Christmas rush around and finished off my minor projects and dissertation at university, so its finally time to start something new at last!

Iv been itching to start my Final Major Project for a few months now but now i have everything else out the way i can get on with it without anything else to think about! 

As iv said previously im basing my project on the theme of rainbows, taking the colours from this using them all separately to create a lingerie collection that shows my theme well.   

I love this by Victoria Secrets, I would love to make something like this but don't think the massive wings would go down well with my tutors at uni! 

This collection is very important to me as its our final project at uni (Yes final! How scary!) and this will hopefully be shown at london graduate fashion week later this year and also shown down the catwalk as part of our uni's final year show! So im going to try my very best to make this a good one!

Im aiming to create 7 lingerie sets/outfits as part of this collection one in each colour of the rainbow: Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green. This of course is going to cost me a fortune, so im hoping  to be able to gain some sponsorship of some kind. Iv wrote to some fabric companies so im just keeping my fingers crossed for some luck now! 

Below is a sneak peak of the starting of my sketch book.  Im going to break my sketch book into different parks beginning with researching all colours together as the rainbow, then breaking it down to researching the different colours separately.  

So they are my first pages in my sketch book, which i love! I love all the colours together. Im getting so excited doing this project. I cant wait to start making now! 

Now its on to researching different fabrics i can use. That easier said then done. Finding just the right colours and laces and elastics and everything i need is the hard part i find but i will get there if i just keep at it! 

Ill keep you informed of what i get up to next on this project! 

X x x x x x x x X


  1. aw! this makes me wanna do fashion again :( love your first few pages! love doing sketchbooks xo

  2. Aww Thankyou :) I know I love my course at the moment! Iv now decided to add another outfit to my collection and create a rainbow lingerie look which I think will be exciting to make! So I'll post pictures soon as to show you :) xxxxxx